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Anderson, SC area help wanted: Carpenter/Jobsite Superintendent

Jason E

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Upstate Remodeling and Construction, LLC


Carpenter/Jobsite Superintendent


  • Carpenter
    • Installing wooden structures such as roofing frames, rafters, partitions, joists and stud work
    • Building and Installing cabinets, shelving, fitted furniture, drywall and insulation
    • Adding fixtures and fittings such as door handles, locks, hinges and closures
    • Selecting lumber by size and strength to suit each job, sourcing wood to suit the customer’s budget and style
    • Liaising with clients, suppliers and other construction professionals
    • Reading blueprints and designs to work to specifications prepared by other construction professionals, architects and building code recommendations
  • Jobsite Superintendent
    • Manage a team of workers, including work schedules, project progress and resource allocation
    • Collaborate with clients, Project Managers, other construction management to determine budget and timeline
    • Coordinate materials and equipment delivery with vendors and suppliers
    • Create schedules for workers and subcontractors
    • Maintain a daily log for the job site’s operations, reporting to management as necessary
    • Make changes in the operation as necessary to best meet construction deadlines
    • Implement management techniques that are cost-effective and efficient
    • Approving timecards for employees
    • Manage equipment inventory, maintenance, and storage
    • Ensure a clean, safe work environment compliant with OSHA standards


·        Five years of experience in residential or commercial carpentry preferred

·        Creativity and design skills

·        Experience of using hand and power tools such as drills, chisels, sanders, saws and nail guns

·        Joinery or cabinet-making skills

·        Knowledge of building regulations and codes

·        Willingness to learn and grow with carpentry skills

·        Ability to conduct heavy lifting and manual labor in outdoor environments

·        Two years of experience in supervisory role


From $45,000 to $60,000 annually





Family-owned business growing in the Anderson Region.  We look forward to building our team with you!


  • Please send any questions and/or resumes to the following email: info@urcbuild.com
  • Please contact Jason Eaton at 864-533-0694


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