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    • https://www.womenconfidencebuilders.com/events

      August 28th 2023

      SC Women’s Executive Luncheon

      Greenville Convention Center





      Ticket Details

      $65 Early Bird single Tickets - through 7/31/23 - Eventbrite Open in April

      $150 Galleria Tickets - includes 1 table and 1 lunch - Eventbrite Open in April

      $75 After early bird tickets - After 8/1/23 - Eventbrite Open August 1st

      $60 Early Bird single tickets - Partner/WCB member single tickets - through 7/31/23 - Eventbrite Open in April

      $70 After early bird tickets - Partner/WCB member single tickets - after 8/1/23 - Eventbrite Open on August 1st
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    • Women Talk Construction Forum is undergoing a name change to Breaking Barriers Forum. 


      The forum is over a year old now and since its creation, many things have changed. We have grown as a company and now the forum has two parent websites (womentalkcaonstruction.com) & (womenconfidencebuilders.com)

      Both of our parent websites contribute to the forum such as providing accessibility, giving the forum exposure, providing resources, etc. Initially, the forum was designed after the Women Talk Construction website as it was created first. The colors, styles, etc of Women Talk Construction were deliberately mimicked while designing the forum to provide a fluid, recognizable experience across both platforms. Since then, Women Confidence Builders has been created as a non-profit organization that, by design, was created with its own unique style and character. In order to make the most sense coming from either website, we decided to give the forum its own identity starting with renaming the forum to something that still represented our mission while separating itself from only the Women Talk Construction website alone. 

      Hence, we introduce ... the Breaking Barriers Forum!

      Now that you have been introduced, we have provided a couple of different themes that you can choose from. Each theme's style takes its personality from our respective parent website (it's basically a cosmetic preference and does not affect any content that you are able to see).

      Light Theme - Women Talk Construction

      Dark Theme - Women Confidence Builders

      You can change your theme preference at the bottom of any page within the forum. Simply click on the 'Theme' drop-down menu in the footer of the page to see your choices.  See the image below 


      Light Theme (Women Talk Construction)


      Dark Theme (Women Confidence Builders)



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    • Certification Guide, MWBE,  Resources & Podcast Information
      Hey there!!!

      Wondering "Why to get Certified" and "Where to find FREE resources to Build your business".  This information could be the difference between you having little success and A LOT of success.  These tools and free resources are not always easy to find!  Let us know if you use them and if they helped you!!  Shout out to us on SOCIAL MEDIA, please.  Tag Angela and Christi and of Course, Women Talk Construction.

      https://www.messer.com/subcontractors/diverse-suppliers/ [messer.com]

      The link above is one of the largest companies in construction who require WBE/MBE participation.  Every customer has their own unique need. 

      This link below is the office that will show you step by step how to get certified.  It will take 1/10th of the time going through here if they're as good as other states.  Let me know how they do for you in NC.


      (there is an office in every area to assist and make your certification process very easily)


      When it comes to federal government contracts, you may want to contact your APTAC…there are many workshops included on this website as well.

      https://www.aptac-us.org/ [aptacus.org]


      Also, this training is free this year for the first time. [https://ascent.sba.gov/ [ascent.sba.gov]?  The women in our area who are successfully winning government bids have used this website to gain valuable insight into operating their businesses in government purchasing.


      We are here to provide you with a starting point and to make connections for small businesses with resources and government officials who are qualified as well as make introductions to customers and connections, when they are working on projects in a particular area.

      Please check out all of the other resources on our website at Resources — Women Talk Construction Podcast

      Your friends, Angela & Christi



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      FREE intensive business training for small business entrepreneurs and executives

      Business coaching for C-level executives

      Self-paced online curriculum taught by experienced Subject Matter Expertss

      A mix of virtual and in-person training sessions

      CEO Group masterminds for peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability

      Customized learning tracks for small businesses’ unique needs

      Three-year strategic growth plan

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    • I'd love to know what you're doing.

      New commitment to me 1x a week

      One morning in the woods. Gradually work up to 1/2 day then full day. 
      ✔️ no email
      ✔️ no texting 
      ✔️ no phone calls
      ✔️ exercise 💪 
      ✔️ meditate 🧘‍♀️ 
      ✔️ reflect
      ✔️ learn 📚 
      ✔️ music 🎶
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