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Co-Op Opportunities for ACTC Students

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Good morning,

logo1.png.293a7aea3b15b4b9c23419955c4a7c41.pngMy name is Travis Guthrie and I am the Work Based Learning Coordinator at Anderson 1 & 2 Career & Technology Center in Williamston, SC.  We offer over 2,000 students from Anderson School District One and Two with the opportunity to participate in over 22 different programs.  In my position, I am responsible for connecting our students with business and industry partners that allow our students to apply skills and knowledge from their program of study in real world, hands on experiences.   Our main goal is for students to be able to learn skills and knowledge in their chosen field that will enhance the curriculum and application they receive in the classroom.  Below is a quick description of some of the WBL opportunities available for your organization:
  • Internships:  These WBL opportunities are typically for Juniors and Senior students.  With an internship, we allow students to experience the day-to-day operation of a company under the supervision of their adult supervisor.  These experiences are usually short term, one day to a couple of weeks, and are not paid opportunities.  
  • Co-Ops:  These WBL opportunities are typically for just Senior students.  With a Co-Op, students are able to attend and learn skills and knowledge in a company or business instead of attending their senior level class.  Almost all of our Senior classes are in the afternoon, from 12 PM to 3 PM.  Co-Ops are paid experiences that usually have longer terms than an internship.
One protection that we offer partners is a Liability Insurance for our Co-Op students.  The insurance covers the student for any accidents or work related injuries that occur during the time frame in which they would typically be at school.  For example, if a student chooses to Co-Op as opposed to going to their afternoon class, we would provide liability insurance for that time frame that they are attending their cooperating business, 12 PM to 3 PM for example. 
If you would like to partner with us and have a student complete a Co-Op or Internship opportunity, please feel free to contact me anytime!  My email address is tguthrie@andersonctc.org or you can contact me at 864-847-4121, ext. 2131
I look forward to talking with you soon. 


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We currently have 2 students from Golden Strip Career Center doing WBL at Southern Crafted Shutters and one who graduated last year and is still working with us as he attends Greenville Tech.  I encourage anyone who is considering this opportunity to reach out to Travis or your local WBL coordinator.  We have really loved having the students.  While they have learned a lot from working with us, we have also learned a lot!  It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can help you see in your business. 

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