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I'd love to know what you're doing.

New commitment to me 1x a week

One morning in the woods. Gradually work up to 1/2 day then full day. 
✔️ no email
✔️ no texting 
✔️ no phone calls
✔️ exercise 💪 
✔️ meditate 🧘‍♀️ 
✔️ reflect
✔️ learn 📚 
✔️ music 🎶


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I love this topic. And I love your ideas. I believe it's actually soul care. This is my jam. Back in late 2016 I published My Daily Clarity which is a system I was using with my clients. Part of daily clarity in my humble opinion consists of these four things: water, walk, word, write. I realized even though I pretty much only drink water, I was not drinking enough. Moving my body even if only for 7 minutes a day made a difference. Recognizing what words I was reading, listening to on the radio, podcasts, tv, people, etc then shifting to words that served me. Finally and most powerfully, putting pen to paper each and every day. Sometimes it was one sentence sometimes I filled a paper or two. Little by little I experienced clarity and ultimately inner peace which I label as JOY. 

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