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2022 Mid-Term Elections - PROGRESS FOR OUR WOMEN


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Progress was made across the nation as voters in last week’s election sent women to Washington, their governors’ mansions, and other statewide offices. Here in South Carolina, we elected a female as Superintendent of Education (and Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette comes as part of the gubernatorial package), and 68% of the women who ran in 2022 won their elections. The problem? Not enough women were running. Many of us didn’t have a choice, let alone the option to choose a woman for the job.
The percentage of South Carolina voters who are women

The percentage of seats in 124-member S.C. House seats that were unopposed
 The percentage of women on the 2022 female candidate roster who won their elections [scwomenlead.us20.list-manage.com]

SC WIL is looking to reverse this regression by identifying seats where women have the best chances to win, then recruiting and training female candidates to run in 2023 and 2024. If you’d like to be part of tripling the number of women running in 2024 by running yourself or helping another woman run, let us [scwomenlead.us20.list-manage.com] know [scwomenlead.us20.list-manage.com]!


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