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DREAM BIG ~ When you find something that feeds your soul, nothing will stop you from finding a way!


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When you find something that feeds your soul, nothing will stop you from finding a way. 🤍

Yes, this did just happen! 😊

Last week, Christi and I visited Hoopaugh Grading Company, LLC, to be in their new beautiful & "high-tech recording studio" ~ Give Us The Dirt Podcast. 🎧🎙

We had to find a way to share these inspirational stories that Christi & I heard from all over the US and WORLD. PODCAST & forum was born Women Talk Construction. I remember reaching out to Aaron Witt on IG to ask what equipment he used and how he did it. 

We have big plans for 2023!🏗🤝🏻🛠

Podcasts are just the first step to making the world of non-traditional roles for females a more inclusive work environment. It's about how to ATTRACT and RETAIN.  

Be looking for this episode's release this month! "Give us the Dirt" - check out other great episodes on Give Us the Dirt: Herb Sargent, Aaron Witt, and Brian McManus! 

Thank you for having us, Brandon Lindsey & Jackson Gates, for hosting us and making us feel at home in your fabulous studio. If you are looking at being in the Dirt World - check them out! Their culture and how they care about PEOPLE are top-notch. 

Thanks to ABC Carolinas Chapter! 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have landed at a company that supports the crazy ideas I come up with ~ Hill Electric Company, Inc. 

#podcastlife #makeanimpact #youcandoanything



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