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Step, Walk or Run by Rachel Veltri


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Written By Rachel Veltri

Step, Walk, or Run…What will you do?


Whatever speed one chooses to enter the new year is a personal choice. 



A new year with infinite possibilities is almost as exciting as the beauty of the Holiday Season we have barely moved past, at least that is how I see it.


Most of my life I chose to make resolutions, to set goals, and to focus on how to be better and achieve more.  That is what goal-oriented, Type A personalities do, right? We prioritize, we plan, and we push, it may annoy those around us, but it is our nature.


Most years I have chosen to run or leap into a new year, but this year I decided to walk. If you wonder why the change, it’s simple, age and wisdom, I suppose. 


Last year, as I ran into the new year, I was amazed at how quickly everything came to a stop, all my plans, everything that I had mapped out, was not to be. I will not bore anyone with the details, but the responsibilities of adulthood chose my altered path for me.  Now, this had probably happened before in my life, but as I reflect upon 2022, I understand that no matter how fast a person runs, our lives do have their own timing, and our journeys are filled with twists and turns that we absolutely cannot control.


This year, instead of setting goals and making resolutions for 2023, I decided to simply recite a motto that I feel will get me through the path ahead, that from my view, looks like a mountain. “I can and I will, but not at the expense of my health or my family.”


It is funny what we begin to cherish as we age, we look closer at the important of our health, cherish the moments spent with family or friends, and these two things take precedent over careers, money, and achievements. Don’t get me wrong, those are important elements of our journeys, but when we break it down, most of us come to the same conclusion in time, health and family are the crown jewels of life. 

Family spending time at the beach

Spending time with our family should be at the top of our priority list.

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