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Hiring more Women in NC SC & GA

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Recently, we were asked if we knew any women who were looking for a job!

Rachel and Angela provided some helpful resources from Women Construction Forum..... great tips on filling your roles with women!!


Here are links:

  1. Women Talk Construction Forum ~ https://www.breakingbarriersforum.com/ [breakingbarriersforum.com] ~ you might need to register if you or whoever is entering a job posting. We have had many people find jobs here.
  2. ACTC contact: Travis Guthrie ~ Work-based Learning Coordinator tguthrie@andersonctc.org (864)847-4121
  3. Spartanburg Regional Workforce Advisor – reach out to see how and who to connect with at local career centers in Spartanburg. FIND out who it is in Spartanburg [sccommerce.com]. I also asked Laura Cox (Regional Workforce Advisor in Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens who was the person in Spartanburg – I can let you know. FYI – Laura’s info in case you want to reach out to her lcox@sccommerce.com)
  4. Hill Electric has built relationships with career centers (ACTC, AIT, Hamilton Career Ctr, Pickens Career Center), high schools (career centers inside them – Crescent High School – Iva – Alex Smith smitha@acsd3.org (864)352-6175), Greenville Tech (another great place start is Carolyn Watkins Carolyn.watkins@gvltec.edu ) , Charter schools (Green Upstate High School - Troy Childress tchildress@scgreencharter.org ) . We come in a provide the teachers & students with the hands-on aspects of what it’s like to be doing it in the real world – putting on a harness, learning how to operate a lift, how we wire an electrical panel, what we look for when hiring, what technical knowledge is needed (all of these things the teachers are seeking industry partners to come in and help with. We created a page on our website to send to teachers or counselors LINK [hillelectric.net] .


And, of course, stay plugged into WCF because our women are extremely passionate about giving back, and one reason why Rachel and I offer these opportunities to the members.


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