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Seeking: Career Pivot Advice

Whitney Freize

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Hi 👋

I extend my warm greetings to all and would like to express my gratitude to Christi Powell for introducing me to this esteemed forum. 

I humbly seek your advice and guidance in my current situation. Having dedicated the past twelve years to various roles within the legal field, I recently experienced a regrettable layoff. Throughout this period, I have come to the realization that the legal profession no longer provides me with the fulfillment I seek, and I am eager for a professional change. Woodworking, design, and home renovations have always been my true passions, and I am actively seeking to transition my career path to incorporate these interests. 

While I am aware that this shift may pose its challenges, I am fully committed to taking the necessary steps to achieve success. Therefore, I kindly request your valuable suggestions on where to begin in terms of educational pursuits, suitable job titles, or any other relevant advice you may offer.

Thank you in advance for your support and guidance.


Whitney Freize





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Thank you for your post!  Depending on where you are located, there are so many amazing organizations out there to get "plugged" into.  In the upstate, we have Women Construction Forum, a wonderful group of women to ask and collaborate with on the direction you may want to go and/or educational pursuits.  If not in the upstate of South Carolina, NAWIC Charleston is amazing and I have a few connections there.

My first piece of advice would be to follow this guide I was able to share with several groups this year for success in construction.  If you have been in the legal field and are now passionate about our industry, I can't imagine all of the opportunities that are out there for you.




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Whitney,  please listen to this podcast from Chris Kempner, a lawyer in New York who is now consulting and working in construction.

https://womentalkconstruction.com/episodes/https/wwwbuzzsproutcom/1941246/episodes/10087956-zzfy6-8dt3n-dpgbc-8phkk-lge3p-wxh2f-69deh?rq=Chris kempner

This is a great place to get your creative juices flowing!  All the best, Christi

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