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Project Manager in Greenville Searching for Work

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Hello everyone, I've relocated back to the South where I grew up after spending the past several years working in NYC. I have an extensive background with very high level experience in Project Management, Business Strategy, and as a Chief of Staff and am very well educated, but I'm finding it difficult to break into the job market here in Greenville. I've attached my resume and would like to get some very honest and direct feedback. My website is also good at showcasing what I do: https://www.deborahseeley.com/

1. I see many of the Project Management roles in the Greenville area are within construction. I'm about to get a Project Management certification through Google Professional Training but am wondering if I should pursue a certification in Construction Project Management? I am reluctant to do so because certifications are VERY time consuming, and I need to focus all my time on finding a job ASAP. Plus, I already have many years of experience as a Project Manager and believe my skills are transferrable across industries.

2. Will breaking into Project Management here be more difficult because I am female - especially within the construction industry? 

3. Should I remove or change the photo on my resume? Does it look too "glam" for the roles that I am applying to?

4. Do you know of anyone who is hiring for a Project Manager?

5. Do you know of anyone who needs a Strategist or Chief of Staff within their business/offices to help provide strategic planning and oversight?

Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated. I need to find a role ASAP!

All best,


Deborah Seeley Resume - Project Manager Strategist 2024.jpg

Deborah Seeley Testimonials 2024.jpg

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