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OPEN POSITION - Permitting Coordinator

Lauren Dorrity

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Crescent Homes is looking for someone to assist with permitting and entitlements. It's a great company to work for with lots of opportunity to put your own thumbprint on processes. If you have any recommendations or know someone who may be interested, there is an immediate need.  Please email lauren.dorrity@crescenthomes.net or text 864-363-5116. Job description below. 


Permitting and Construction Administration Duties

·         Establish and maintain cooperative and amicable relationships with permitting agency staff, and others contacted during work.

·         Maintain extensive knowledge of the agencies’ permitting processes.

·         Collect, review and submit all plans, permits, and reports before sending them to agencies and prepare permitting packages to be submitted to various government agencies and Architectural review boards.

·         Coordinate and follow up with all questions and correspondence dealing with specific permits and projects.

·         Create permitting process and document resource/guild for all municipalities

·         Responsible for all water/sewer tap fees, utility installation fees and other impact fee applications and payments.

·         Complete all Architectural Review Board applications and follow up with requested changes, ect.

·         Maintain accurate and up-to-date filing system for all job specific and related information as it comes in

·         Assist in maintaining SSR 

·         Other duties as assigned


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