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Highlights, Exciting NEWS & Thank you!!!!


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Good morning,📣 SAVE THE DATE: Women's Executive Luncheon by Women Confidence Builders - 8/30/22 - 10am-1pm - Lunch and speaker start at Noon, early shopping from women owned businesses 10am-noon!

✋Angela and I wanted to send a quick note to say "hello" and Thank you.  We are so excited to say that you've been making a big impact in non-traditional roles by being the voices of those who are occupying the space.  We are so proud of you for sharing and supporting women in construction and for supporting the workforce of the future.
🎯We have seen some big changes and thanks to all of you we hit 1000 DOWNLOADS on Wednesday.  The most exciting news is we were notified the podcast won an award for efforts to help the workforce, which will be announced soon 😍.  We've been so fortunate to have EXCELLENT guests and to get some awesome sponsorships 🏅.  Several publishers are contacting us and sharing this important topic, however, there is still MORE WORK TO BE DONE and we have a long way to go.  
✒If you haven't already done so, please sign up in the forum and introduce yourself.  There are so many connections being made behind the scenes.  👷Six women found jobs in the first 7 days! One was working for someone who really treated her poorly and now she's with a company who respects, admires, and is training her to fill a role she has always wanted in the construction industry.  🦄That's what this group is all about.  Yesterday in a message on the forum we introduced a woman owned business to one who was looking for her kind of services and now they are both excited to be working with women owned companies.  🔢 That's just a few of the things that have happened in three months and we have over 7500 people monitoring this forum and reaching out to those who introduce themselves and their businesses.  
📅We have just started adding calendar events to the calendar in hopes that we will see you at an event soon.  We have also started to post bidding opportunities for work with government agencies and with developers, general contractors, friends, woman owned businesses, etc.
🙏Thank you again for building this community of awesome people, sharing opportunities in unity.  We are #bettertogether.  
🏗🚧If you have requested to be on our podcast, we have your information and we will try to contact everyone as soon as we have a spot.  At this time, we are only publishing 4 podcasts a month.  The first several months we have focused on the men and women who have supported and encouraged our efforts to make our industries a better place.  Once we share all of their amazing stories, we will be reaching out to you too!
📲If you are feeling encouraged, we would love to hear how the forum and podcast has supported you, we will likely share those stories on social media to encourage other women. If you have any ideas and comments to help make our podcast more valuable for you and for your friends and family who need support, please let us know.
Keep changing the world!  WE are so proud of YOU!!
Christi Powell & Angela Gardner
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