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Benefits of working with a WBE supplier or business!


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Some benefits our customers expect when partnering with a WBE like 84 Lumber:


💰 Tax Incentives

Working with a WBE can provide your company with tax benefits. The Federal government provides tax incentives to companies who conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses. When the supplier is a WBE, tax liabilities are reduced for Federal or State funded projects. 84 Lumber can provide you with all the documentation you need to support your claim in the areas where we are certified.


💸 Increased Profits

Did you know that numerous research studies have confirmed that companies that embrace diversity are more profitable on average than those that don’t? According to Forbes, companies with diverse teams are 33% more likely to have a better-than-average-profit. McKinsey and HBR also report similar benefits. Why? Creativity flourishes when diverse points of view are considered.


👩‍🔬 Wide Net Enhances Competition

When working with a WBE, you gain access to new supplier channels. A broad pool of suppliers plus access to the supplier’s own diverse networks means you can select the best solution for your company.


Fast, Responsive Service

We’re also a Women Business Enterprise certified by WBENC (the gold standard in National certification). As a privately held business, we’re able to be very flexible and responsive to customer needs. Our customers also benefit from direct access to experienced sales people and product knowledge.


💹 Marketability

By working with a woman-owned business you show your company’s commitment to working in diverse markets. Your company becomes more attractive to corporations seeking second tier suppliers who work with women-owned businesses. When you partner with 84 Lumber for your building materials, let your customers know that you work with a WBE. It may enhance your own competitive advantage.


Questions? Please reach out to us – we’d love to share why 84 Lumber would be a great supplier partner for your company.


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