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Revolutionize Financial Planning In The Digital Age

Steve Rohr

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Together with our four children, my wife and I relocated to Greenville, SC from Maryland in 2021. I had begun a career in Financial Services in 2014, and it has been a life changing journey ever since. 
Now I'm fully aware that it's an industry that deals with a high turnover rate and a lot of ambitious Advisors making cold calls, so it can seem much less stressful to just either stick to whatever you're doing now or to try to go about planning yourself. However, in the last few years, I have set out on a mission to revolutionize the world of Financial Planning. Do you have a visual financial plan in the form of a digital book - what I like to call my 'Playbook'? Would you find it helpful and wholesome to sit down with an expert on an annual basis and look at your plan from the perspective of 'how are we tracking towards our goals?' If someone asked you to explain to them how you and your planner have set you up for success to be protected from inflation and recession, could you tell them? Some people like to know how the watch works; others just want to know what time it is. Do you have an Advisor who can gladly do both? 

Most importantly, I have no desire to be in the relationship replacing business. My most successful clients have several Advisors all together by the time they enter the retirement phase of their life. So, if you already have someone that you are working with for some time - you're off to a great start! Let's have a conversation around what the world of financial planning should look like in today's economic environment, and I promise one of either two things will happen: either we will find that you are completely locked and loaded and you will walk away with a renewed respect for the planning you and your Advisor have already done, or we may find a blind spot that has developed over time and I can assist in enhancing the planning you've already done even if simply in that small but impactful complementary fashion. Either way, a conversation is never a waste of time, and the most dangerous mindset you can have right now is "I'm good for now". 

Please reach out for a comprehensive look at any of the following areas:

- Coordinating all personal advisors
- Tracking Action Steps
- Accountability to keep the process moving
- References for important people/contacts
- Savings/Investment Discovery and Reallocation
- Savings and Cash Reserve
- Planning for Retirement/Retirement Distribution Strategy
- Investments
- Children's Education Planning/Savings
- Income Protection/Disability Income Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Monitoring current health vs future risk
- Long Term Care
- Estate Planning 101
- Budgeting/Fixed Expenses
- Savings Philosophies
- Tracking current and future income
- Investing Philosophy
- Lifestyle Capital & Debt Snapshot
- Applying Background and Education
- Employment/Self-Employment Benefits
- Identifying Current Goals and Future Dreams
- Generational Planning
- Inheritance Support


Steve Rohr
Financial Advisor

501 E McBee Ave, Greenville, SC 29601

C: 740.792.1996

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