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hey you. I am thrilled to be here!

Christy Benitez

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Hello beautiful people!  My name is Christy Benitez. I am an all around people enthusiast who enjoys serving others and helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. As o business consultant, I specialize in executive coaching, team building and leadership training, and have a proven track record in talent optimization and operational excellence.  I found this group through Christi Powell and have really enjoyed the podcast, conferences, and other events hosted by WCB.  

Outside of consulting, I am also the Co-Founder of a social movement for women called hey you. We're a community and a safe space for women to come together and celebrate one another for the unique gifts they have to give. As women, it's so easy to feel stretched thin, to feel like you have to check all of the boxes: a champion in the office, a perfect wife, an instagram worthy mom, and an always available friend. But we don't buy into that. We believe that we each have infinite potential within us and we are so much more than the boxes we do or don't check. We're fierce, strong, powerful, kind, and so much more. There's a seat for you at our table no matter where you are on your journey.  

We are hosting a powerful retreat in January 2024. This immersive retreat will give you the opportunity to deep dive into self-awareness and belief.  It will allow you to lean in and cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and passion.  Through thoughtful guidance and actives, you'll leave the retreat with the tools you need to embrace your unique journey with confidence and clarity. 

We invite you to take part in the retreat, to follow us on social media, and allow us to pour into you!  https://forms.monday.com/forms/99b173ba3548e6f22e9b2d7d89cc6951?r=use1

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