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Save the Trades / Tech Solution for Next Generation


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Hello Breaking Barriers... Christi recommend I post here and introduce the Save the Trades Network. This is a tech solution that can be used on any device and it is aimed for students / teachers / businesses to connect to the younger generation to choose the skilled trades as a career. Would be great for schools and trade schools too. Feel free to explore here: www.tradeworksacademy.com and give me some feedback. Or if interestd in talking, just email me: nick.wright@sttn.work

Bridging Careers in the Skilled Trades

Save the Trades Network (STTN) is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at connecting aspiring students and career changers with opportunities in the construction trades industry. Save the Trades has created a proof of concept called, “Trade Works Academy”. This solution will act as the bridge between skilled individuals and reputable construction trade companies, addressing the growing labor gap in the industry, and fostering career growth for anyone with drive. 

The goal of Trade Works is to introduce, inspire and ultimately match students up with trade schools, apprenticeships or jobs in their area via a unique behavioral placement tool connected within the virtual experience. In parallel, we will build and enhance the current curriculum that matches foundational skills in specific trades. 

Components of the Solution

Simulations - Trade Works creates XR simulations for job seekers to experience on VR Headsets, Websites or Phone applications to test if they like being in a job site or learn a bit about an industry. (Electrical, Plumbing, Home Building, Factory Work, Solar Farms, HVAC…)

Job Matching - Our advanced algorithm will match job seekers' skills, preferences, and location with suitable positions offered by construction trade companies. 

Training Resources - We will collaborate with schools and training centers to provide educational resources, workshops, and certifications to enhance the skills of our candidates.

Company Showcase - A dedicated space for companies and schools to showcase their brand and opportunities will be embedded to attract the right talent.

AI Career Guidance - Personalized AI career coaching and guidance for individuals transitioning into the trades, ensuring they make informed decisions. 

Verified Digital Credentials - as students’ progress through Trade Works their accomplishments or certifications will be housed on a verified digital wallet that can be used in their resume and job searches. 

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