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Building My Future in Construction: Seeking Guidance and Connections

Pooja Ravindranath

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Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week! I'm Pooja Ravindranath, and I'm thrilled to be here in this amazing Forum! I recently connected with Angela Gardner, who sparked my passion for innovative projects in the construction field even further.

With 3.5 years of experience under my belt, I've honed my skills in project management, material management, and planning/design. I'm now actively seeking an internship opportunity to expand my expertise and learn from the best in the field.

My passion lies in Project Management, Estimation, and Project coordination, and I'm confident I can bring strong technical skills (AutoCAD mastery and budget management) and a dedication to detail to the table. In my previous roles, I produced precise technical drawings using AutoCAD, managed project schedules and budgets, and ensured design execution.

Angela encouraged me to reach out to all of you incredible women in construction, and I'd be thrilled to hear about any potential internship or growth opportunities that might be a good fit! My resume is attached, and I'm open to chatting more about how my skills could benefit your amazing work.

Let's connect and build something fantastic together!

Excited to connect,

Pooja Ravindranath

Pooja Ravindranath.CV.webp

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