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Hello from Lexington, SC

Lynne Cannon

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My name is Lynne Cannon and my husband and I own a GRN franchise.  He has always been involved in the construction and fire protection industry so that is our focus.  I have worked in HR at a large Methodist church for ten years and decided I needed to help with the admin side of our business because that is not his specialty.  I have slowly gotten more involved with research and having conversations with people.  My personality is on the quieter side if I am unsure of all the lingo but once I feel comfortable with the information, I love talking to people and helping them change their lives.  We started in mainly fire protection with sprinkler designers, engineers, marketing and sales.  We've merged into a lot more specialized roles and work with some large companies but we always have to love the company, what they stand for and the people we will be placing there.  We strive for long term relationships with companies and the people we place there.

I grew up in West Columbia, graduated from Columbia College in Business Administration.  I worked three jobs while in school, including IBM.  We moved to Atlanta, then New York where we spent 13 years renovating a 100 year old house top to bottom.  That's where I got hand's on construction experience :).  I repaired plaster, sheetrock, sanded, stained, tiled, painted and a million other things.  I actually really loved most of it.  I am always visualizing and thinking 10 steps ahead.  I didn't work while my kids were growing up and then went back to work when they started middle school.

I am looking forward to meeting other women in construction and learning a lot more about the industry.  We are now focusing on SaaS and Con Tech (still learning about it).  I hope to meet some of you at one of the upcoming events.

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