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I want to meet you!

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Hi everyone! 

Let me introduce myself beyond my work:

  • I am a homebody with a love for thrifting, the outdoors, and shameless dance parties. 
  • I have a deep love for poetic lyrics in music and know every word to every Taylor Swift song. 
  • I feel things deeply, cry often, laugh often, and nothing makes me as happy as feeling the sun on my face. 
  • I say hi to dogs before I greet their owners. 
  • I am Dutch, so bring a beautiful pragmatic, directness combined with my newly acquired Southern sweetness & American optimism. 

I also am a career coach for newbie entrepreneurs & business-curious professionals who long to pivot their careers. As a former tech leader in Amsterdam I bridge the gap between the corporate world, startup scene, and entrepreneurship. My clients pivot their careers, land their dream jobs, and start businesses with clarity, confidence, and a whole lotta joy.

I would absolutely love to connect with you on LinkedIn or Instagram. Please send me a little message and tell me about yourself! I am new to Greenville and am so excited to get to know this beautiful community better. 






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Welcome to the group Maartje!

We are so excited to have you! We are looking forward to have you make some meaningful connections in the group! 

We also have our Women Confidence Builders leadership event coming up on the 25th and would love for you to join us. Let me know if you’d like more information on it!

Again, so excited for you to have joined us! Cheers!

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